Max Supply: 10,000,000,000

KC (KSwap coin) sets itself apart by having no pre-sales, ensuring a fair distribution and equal opportunity for all participants. Moreover, a significant portion of the total supply, 78%, will be dedicated to incentivizing liquidity providers, fostering a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem for KSwap on the DemonChain blockchain.

KSwap coin tokenomics

Total supply 10 billions KSwap Coin 1% Airdop 1% KC liquidity 10% Marketing 10% Tech team 78% Liquidity provider incentive

The tokenomics of KSwap coin are designed to support the growth and success of the KSwap ecosystem on the DemonChain blockchain. With a total supply of 10 billion KSwap Coin, each allocation serves a specific purpose to ensure the long-term sustainability and value of the project.

1% of the total supply is allocated to airdrops, allowing for broad distribution and giving early supporters an opportunity to participate in the KSwap community. This promotes inclusivity and encourages engagement within the ecosystem.

Another 1% is dedicated to KSwap Coin liquidity, ensuring a healthy and robust market for the token. This allocation helps to establish initial liquidity pools and facilitates seamless trading on the KSwap platform.

To drive awareness and adoption, 10% of the total supply is allocated for marketing initiatives. These funds will be utilized to promote KSwap, educate the community, and attract new users to experience the benefits of decentralized trading on the DemonChain blockchain.

Recognizing the importance of technical development, 10% of the total supply is allocated to the tech team. This ensures ongoing innovation, maintenance, and improvement of the KSwap platform, delivering a secure and user-friendly experience.

The majority of the token supply, 78%, is dedicated to incentivizing liquidity providers. This allocation encourages users to contribute liquidity to the KSwap platform, fostering deep and robust liquidity pools. In turn, this benefits all participants by enabling efficient token swaps and maximizing trading opportunities.

Overall, the tokenomics of KSwap Coin reflect a thoughtful and strategic approach, aligning incentives to promote widespread adoption, liquidity, and continuous development. By leveraging these token allocations, KSwap aims to create a sustainable and thriving decentralized exchange ecosystem on the DemonChain blockchain.

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